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Important Things!


Because many/most of the SWWers are doing NaNoWriMo, in the month of November, there will be 4 Sunday Word Wars, one on each Sunday!

Tonight, November the second, the word war will be at it's regularly scheduled 8 EST time. I won't be able to attend, but I will have someone to run SWW (unknown at the moment, but when you read this I'll have talked to you, and I love you forever). The remaining Sundays in November will be scheduled at 3:30 p.m. EST.

Kuu is your lovely host tonight, btw. =)

SWW Icons.


Because, clearly, I have to much time on my hands.
Totals -

Phoenixes: 3132
Dragons: 2374

Averages -

Phoenixes: 1044
Dragons: 1187

Best Overall Wordcount: Kusari no Kokoro
Most Improved Wordcount: Warm-ups aren't tallied, so there's not enough data.

Warm-up War!

Because of techinical difficulties (aka, mod!spoof), September's Sunday Word War was moved to the third week. Today was a warm-up war for whoever decided to participate.

Here are the totals:

Phoenixes: 4125, average 2062.5
Dragons: 3008, average 1504

Best overall count: Sly
Most improved: N/a

Thank you for all who participated! =) We'll get you next week, Phoenixes....

AIM Chatroom

The aim chatroom for sww is "SundayWordWars". Instructions to get to the aim chatroom, verbatim from augnowrimo:

To get to the chat via AIM:
1. Add your screenname to your buddy list.
2. Right click on your screenname.
3. Choose the option "invite to chat room" [or whatever variation your program uses]
4. Invite your screenname to the chat named sundaywordwars.
5. Voila! Chat away!

To get to the chat via Trillian:
1. Click the little yellow AIM circle at the bottom of your contacts list.
2. Select "join a chat room."
3. In the prompt box type sundaywordwars.
4. Click "join."
5. Voila! Chat away!
[please note that the general AIM way works as well]

To get to the chat via iChat
1. View your File menu.
2. Select "go to chat."
3. Type sundaywordwarsas the chat name.
4. Voila! Chat away!

New Teams

These are the first team combinations, and the team names:

Phoenixes: 8, 4, 7, 3
Dragons: 5, 1, 6, 2

So, that means that Rift, Erin, Kusari, and Sly are the Phoenixes, and Frost, Pip, Saph, and I are the Dragons.


Leaving SWW?

If you want to leave Sunday Word Wars permenantly, please post here so I can reuse your number. We won't hold it against you, promise, and you really can come back at any time. (Please don't leave and come back just because you have to miss one month. Please don't abuse this, either.)

The format should be:


This will make it easier on me and TPTB to sort out and manage the community.


Mmkay, right off the bat, this is the thread for Frequently Asked Questions. Since no questions have yet been asked, we'll wait a bit on that one. The rules are here. Please read the rules before asking a question, because I might have answered your question there. =)


Sign Up Thread

Ok. Reply here to sign up for Sunday Word Wars. The first war is September 21st 14th, 2008, and I'd like to have everyone signed up by the 12th.

Reply in this format:


This is just so it's easier to keep track of who Rumple-umple-diddlekins is, and such. I will reply to your post with your number, and we'll go from there. =)

EDIT for date!fail: I'm sorry, I counted wrong on the first date. The fourteenth is the second Sunday of the month.